“VVOLFWOOD” stills was created by photographer Oscar J. Wood,  born in Melbourne city, Vict, AUS. Always having a camera in hand as a child, teenager and even now (honestly… he’s still a child).

Never afraid to travel, push social boundaries, climb cliffs or buildings, crawl through mud and dirt, swim, run from dogs… it’s been a long story okay? O.J. strives to deliver unique images for you to view from anywhere, at any time. Delivering personal stills, unique quotes from himself and or other famous motivational speakers, thinkings and life long heroes.

OJW has spent most of his life time on the move, growing up with just his mother, coming from an alternative background and family, moving constantly was not a rarity. Never in the same place too long, with a nomadic itch and a quiet curiosity, join Oscar on his path to inner peace through his camera lens and his inner thoughts, as he reminisces about his childhood, world views and experiences, hoping to offer advice and a sense of belonging to those who choose to follow.