You should remind yourself, that you too are loved deeply. You may be sad or angry at the world, but you have to remember that we are only here temporarily – time is the only king on earth and the only truly precious commodity we have, yet we give so little to the ones we love the most and so much of us spend it within tasks and elements of matter we disbelieve in. I remember when we went to the museum and we wrote letters to strangers and I picked a letter addressed “to the lonely soul” and I will never forget what I read that day with you and how a letter from a stranger to another moved me; in those moments when you first saw my quiet curiosity, my tenderness and how I almost cried in that exhibit.

The letter goes as follows…

To the lonely soul,

there  is always someone on the earth that cares for you & loves you.

I promise.


Warm regards,

The lonely soul.




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