Bow your head

Do you remember the last time you had to bow your head in the face of adversity? I certainly do, I don’t think most people forget those moments.

So… how can you come back from those challenging moments? that desperate feeling when your spirit is flickering as if a weak flame? you simply have to give in – although I don’t mean give in to your anger or negative emotions, nor do I mean give in to the weight that you had let put you in this place originally… you have to give in to life’s greatest lesson, remembering that when you’re down and on the ground – from whatever it may be – that it becomes difficult to get back up (and most people never do) but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand tall again. As world famous motivational speaker Les Brown once said “if you can look up, you can get up” this applies to many things in our lives that we face, including this kind of situation.

You might be in this trailing time because of a family member, your boss, your partner or even just from a financial situation, either way… Les Brown was right. I know you can get back up, but first you have to look up and then get up.

When looking back on the obvious I have just shared, it brings me back to the original point I came here to share with everyone reading. This obvious but you over looked power comes from a Buddhist mindset which is “there is a lesson to be learned, in everything” or in this situation – new growth to be gained.

When you’re down and in a hard place, that’s where the growth really happens. When you feel pushed down and set aside by life’s trials, when you’re overwhelmed and can’t pay your bills, when you’re struggling to find a reason to go on it’s hard, and where there is resistance there is capacity for growth  because anyone can be happy when they’re safe, when their bills are paid, when they have friends and family who support them… but these hard times we go through are when you have “a real” opportunity for growth, this is when the potential for growth is highest, when there is the most resistance. This is one of the simplest but truly ultimate life lessons we all should strive to learn.

Thanks for reading, stay humble, stay focused.


Location for photos – Canggu beach, Canggu, Bali



La Mar

La Mar


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