when you choose to move forward in life, you’re going to make yourself vulnerable… Don’t fight it, it’s inevitable. When this happens, know that you have to be very tough to make yourself vulnerable – this relates to you on a professional, financial, spiritual and personal level… EVERYTHING is going to test you, whether it’s your new boss, clients, your own mind or for me currently the world of travelling and writing.

I am currently sitting on a porch in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. It’s raining, it has been raining for 4 days, I crashed a scooter and tore flesh off my leg and cannot walk and I now need medical attention for a possible tropical infection. I recently got given the opportunity to write a lifestyle and travel article for a magazine… so far not so good, every major event I have wanted to document has been rained out, now I can’t even walk properly but guess what? do you think I am going to give up? do you think I’m going to run home crying to my mummy like a little bitch? hell no. I’m going to go out and tackle this article like a man, I’m going to punch Bali in the face and yell “NOT THIS TIME WORLD”

Why am I telling you this? because if I can still want to keep going after almost dying and having mother nature (the most powerful force on earth) try and stop me, then why can’t you keep going? comment below if you want to tell me what you’re facing right now and let’s figure out a solution to both of our trials for us in this period of our lives.

stay strong, stay humble and most of all… stay vulnerable.


– photographs from kuta, bali –







please don't sit here

please don’t sit here




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