“Luck” and featured FIVE MILE RADIUS photographs.

photographs –

photographs featured were taken for FIVE MILE RADIUS, an architecture firm in Brisbane, AUS.

My best friend and his piers have started their journey on “the path less travelled” to accomplish their dreams of creating a “sustainable and renewable material based” architecture firm and that exclusively designs and builds models/structures/housing with only renewable and sustainable energy and materials.


Hey everyone,

first of I just want to say thanks to the handful of new followers VVOLFWOOD has received, I hope my stories, quotes and words have inspired you in some way to make change in you’re life for the greater good.

Right now I am sitting at the airport waiting to get a plane to Indonesion, Bali ( I know how bloody Australian of me… ) but I am not here to brag about my adventures so I hope it is not taken that way, I am here to talk about self discovery and how you can find things about yourself through hard work and dedication to your craft and dreams and also to touch on the concept of “luck” now, I may be going to Bali to explore a new culture, meet a beautiful American girl and paddle board around for a few weeks but I am also going there for an article on lifestyle and travel (my first true journalistic role) when I booked the tickets, I was worried about money/ my upcoming career so I decided to do something about that worry instead of just sitting on my old beaten up mitts. I started emailing every magazine in my area, in australia and outward,  I must’ve sent around 70-75 emails to different places – I had two responses, one was a very polite “no” that ended up with me being kept on file because of taking this blow humbly with a “thank you for taking the time to reply” and the second was from a man called Greg. Now I am not going to give you his full name or the magazines name (yet) until I have completed the article and it is printed (I don’t like to talk about what I am going to do until I have finished usually) but the reason I am telling you, is because I now get to have a holiday AND work on my career AND see a fantastic woman all in one (not to mention the beautiful photos I will take and sell) I just want you to think about that, take inspiration from it and re-channel that energy into your own life. What can you do today to reach those goals?

Now onto “Luck” – Conor McGregor once said “hard work puts you in the places where luck with find you” and I agree, but when the opportunity comes… YOU HAVE TO SEIZE IT! and don’t let go of that slippery fucker until your mission is completed. This opportunity did not just fall in my lap by sitting there, no I stayed up late nights, working on my website, editing and taking photos, reading, learning, growing all for this single moment… and the universe replied with a “that’ll do lad” and gave this dog a bone and this dog is hungry.

Thanks for tuning in VVOLFWOOD pack, I’ll see you on the other side.

love and respect,

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create more

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2 thoughts on ““Luck” and featured FIVE MILE RADIUS photographs.

  1. Hi Oscar, I wish the blog post dates were in Australian format dd/mm/yy, not US format mm/dd/yy.
    Pretty impressed with the website, though. If you’d like a proof reader, I’m good at spotting typos, spelling & punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, etc. I’ve noticed lately that your photos have a sort of washed-out, faded look. What is that?

    Have a great time in Bali & keep up the good work.



    • hey vera!

      if you ever see any mistakes please inform as grammar is not my strenghts (yet)

      yes, I have a technique i have perfected for my retro feel in my stills, it has taken me quite sometime to learn since no one else has told me how to achieve it despite asking so many times… it would seem the photography community is not as friendly as they portray themselves to be, if you would like i could show you my technique?

      thanks, bali has been exhausting to be honest but it will get better, today is a good day to have a good day after all.

      love, OJW


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