On the right path


OJW here – I signed in today to ask you, are you on the right path? are you heading where you want to be in life? is your journey here helping you grow and challenge yourself and experience all you want to experience whilst here on your journey?

most people will say yes, and that’s great! (as long as you are not lying to yourself) but if you’re someone who is thinking “no, I am not” then I’m here to say – what’s stopping you kid?

And please, don’t make excuses while you’re here. Don’t fucking sit there and tell yourself its someone else’s fault or you have no money or you are this and that… look, a tree can’t be anything but a tree and a dog can’t be anything but a dog but as humans with have unlimited potential, so – please do yourself a favour and don’t sell yourself short and don’t make shitty excuses as to why you’re not trying to be a better person each and every day and if not for you, then do it for your family, do it for your kids or your spouse or your friends or you cat I don’t care… at first its going to be really hard, now you might think I am joking haha oh boy you’re in for a surprise. I’m here to tell you, that you can be somebody but it’s going to take hard consistent work to change your life but if anyone can do it, why not you?

now there are going to be people trying to put you down and these people will be some of the people that are closest to you, now these people do this because you remind them of what they could’ve become if they didn’t give up because it’s easy to be average, it is easy to sit on the couch and point the finger and make excuses for the fact that you are not who you want to be in life or what job you want or how you want to look or who you want to be with or what you want to see… so.. I’m here to say, I believe in you because you have something great within you, you just don’t see it yet.
thanks for reading, stay strong, stay humble.

with respect and love,


paths less travelled

paths less travelled





2 thoughts on “On the right path

    • thanks vera, it is my uncle dan with his dog bear on the Savannah way in the outback of AUS, the photo was taken from atop the troopy near sunset as the old man and bear stretched their legs.


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