Why I take pride in being humble;

I wanted to talk about why I like to finish my posts with “stay humble” or “love and strength” and frustratingly indulgent niceties and the like, it’s because even though I don’t have following (yet) I want to show everyone the importance of positive impact you can have on other people, even for just a moment. A few simple words can put a complicated mind at ease sometimes, for me changing the lives of others is the most important thing for me in life… not money, cars and a nice big house (those are rewards in my opinion although not success) so what is success? what does it ultimately entail for people like myself – and hopefully my viewers too – for me it is the magnitude of positive impact you have on the world, whether its the environment, your cause or just on the people around you in every day life, such as family, friends, co-workers and even people you may dislike or not care for.

so what is success for you? and when was the last time you remember having a positive effect on something or someone? -whether you loved them or not.

Change is not necessary, but evolution cannot be fought. So… why should you want to change and want to help others transition with you? because strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.

Stay humble, stay strong and be better than you were yesterday… also stay safe, but don’t pussyfoot it either haha.


With respect,


here we go









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